Apollo is a project management webapp that I only found out about yesterday. It’s won me over pretty quick, however.

Apollo integrates contact management, task lists, milestones, calendaring and messaging into one sharp looking and easy-to-use interface. I’m already starting to put clients on this system, because it is WORLDS better than what I was using before.

My old system is an app called SUBERNOVA. It looked great when I signed up for it, and I wound up purchasing a subscription on a beta user discount. SUBERNOVA has a few features that Apollo doesn’t, most notably quoting and invoicing. However, the implementation of everything is so backward that it hurts. For example, I can’t send a client a quote in SUBERNOVA without first making a project, in which I have to include a start and end date. So all of my prospects are mucking up the project lists, even when I don’t wind up working for them. Additionally, you can only have ONE quote and ONE invoice per project. This was a mess immediately, as I invoice my clients for a deposit at the very start of the project, and it’s just a mess to basically overwrite that invoice at the end of the project with the other 60% of the total, then overwrite the invoice AGAIN with the final figures. There are just lots of pains like that in SUBERNOVA.

Now, Apollo doesn’t have invoicing or quoting built in, but it does support file uploads, so I can create those documents in InDesign and upload the PDF files to the site, where my clients can download and comment on them. Also, I’m told that eventually Apollo will support an API for plugins, so developers can add that functionality to the app.

That leads me to the best part—the team at Apollo are very quick to reply to issues and feedback. I’ve already exchanged about ten emails with members of their staff, and I only got into the service yesterday!

If you’re looking for an app like this, I highly encourage you to go check it out. The app is free while it’s in beta, and it’s been promised that the plans will be very reasonable for the final product. An invite code is required, but they sent me mine within about fifteen minutes. Make sure to mention where you heard about Apollo!


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